Friday, February 3, 2012

Adam and Eve Activity

Genesis chapter 2 was the focus of our Family Worship Time tonight, focusing on how God created Adam and Eve.  Babygirl really liked this chapter!  She quickly picked up on the one rule God gave:

"You can eat of aaaallll" <sweeping hand motion> "the trees EXCEPT...."
"The Tree of.... the Knowledge" <point to head>
"of Good" <thumbs/happy face>
"and Evil" <thumbs down/scowl>.

She also really enjoyed the activity we did to wrap it all up.  We used Play-Doh, toothpicks, and a little imagination!  It turned out to be a very fun, quick project to do together - all hands helping. 

Adam:  mid-surgery :)

Adam:  all patched up :)
Meet Adam.  God formed and made him from the ground.  Using the doh seemed to help her connect to this foreign concept.  We even had her breathe into his nostrils.  Then Daddy stood up like Adam might have, and to our suprise he wasn't made of dirt... he had flesh, muscles, bones, etc.  If you look closely you'll see where God removed one of Adam's ribs to make Eve.  (Babygirl liked making rib marks.  I tried to snap a pic before too many were made.)

Meet Eve.  God made her out of a rib taken from Adam.  Babygirl got pretty giddy about Adam having a wife to marry.  I don't think she liked him being alone, either! 
The Happy Couple :)

We had a great time with this!  I don't know about them, but I'm looking forward to doing lots of other hands-on activities to help her connect with God's Truth!

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