Monday, February 20, 2012

Homemade Felt Board

     If you're like me, penny pinching is something you try to do around every corner.  There are so many ways to save when you're homeschooling.  A homemade felt board is one of those ways!  There have been so many times I've needed or just wanted a felt board for Babygirl's lessons.  Finally it hit me... Just make one yourself, silly!  I had this wonderful white board I'd purchased at Walmart at the beginning of the year that has a wooden frame around it.  I realized the back would be perfect for a do-it-yourself felt board.  This way I also don't have to have more than one large, awkward object when we're taking our homeschooling on the road for family visits or whatnot.  I just flip it over and there it is.

What you'll need:
  • A board of some kind .. the back of a white board, a piece of plywood, or even a foam board would work.  (Cost:  $10 or less.  My board was around $8.)
  • 1 yard of fleece or polyfelt fabric.  (I did not use the entire yard for the approx 2x3 foot white board.) Both fabrics work well with felt cut outs.  For this project, I chose fleece.  Choose any pattern or mix it up to make it fun and lively!  (Cost:  $5 or less.  My material was around $2.)
  • Hot glue gun and sticks.
  • Scissors. (Fabric scissors work best on fleece.)
  • A straight edged object.  (A ruler or butter knife would work nicely.)

     I recommend cutting your fabric in the basic shape of your board.  You will want to cut it a little larger than the actual space to which it will be glued.  Glue only one side at a time, using the straight edge (if you're using the back of a framed white board) to press the fabric into the crevice as you go.  This will help seal the material to the board and its frame, ensuring a better hold.  Slightly stretch the material, especially as you are finishing the last side, to make sure there will be no bubbling/extra material in the middle of your board when your it is complete.  Trim off any excess material.  If you're feeling extra crafty, finish off the back of your frame with a nice ribbon, or other such decoration, for a fun look.


As you can see, we make our own felt objects and numbers, too.  Just another way to save!  If you're kiddos are able, asking them to draw and/or cut out your objects/numbers is an easy way to get them involved.  Enjoy!

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